Opens  Apr 16 ’21

CWSL Summer League  Soccer (Outdoor) · Female CWSL

Opens Soon
Summer 2021
May 27 ’21 TENTATIVE
Aug 5 ’21
Registration Dates:
Apr 16 ’21 – May 10 ’21 regular
Minimum age:
18 years old
Age as of:
May 26 ’21
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 8:00pm to 10:30pm


Team Fees
Regular $750.00 per team
Free Agent Fees
Regular $65.00

CWSL Summer League

ALL Game will be played at CSA OrthoCarolina Field #4; two games going at once - 8:00pm Kickoff and 9:00pm Kickoff

8v8 Games
Games consist of two 25-minute halves
7 Regular Season games ** weather/field accessibility permitting **
Single Elimination Playoffs (overtime rules apply)

Registration fees are $750 per team with a 12-player minimum and 16-player maximum

Registration fees for Free Agents are $65

All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Important Dates - Year 2021


JULY 1: NO GAMES (4th of July Week)


We play on turf fields so we play in the RAIN. We typically ONLY cancel in the event of lightning/severe weather or if the field has been closed by Parks & Rec and/or Charlotte Soccer Academy.  We will post on our Facebook and Instagram if games are cancelled as well as inform Team Captains.  Please Like Us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! Depending on field availability, games may not be made up!

Summer League Rules

Charlotte Women's Soccer League is an adult league. No players under the age of 18 are permitted to participate. All players are required to complete the online Player Registration and Player Waiver Release Form for each team season in which they participate. Unrostered players are not allowed to participate.

  • Each team can carry on its roster no more than 16 players.
  • A team must have 5 players at the start of the game to play. Failure to have 5 players within 5 minutes of the scheduled kickoff time will result in a forfeiture of the match.
  • Team Captains must bring a copy of their roster to the field. There are no pre-game requirements to check a roster, but if an opposing team questions whether a player is legitimately on a roster, then both teams must present their roster to the referee to resolve the player in question. The roster must be presented to the referee upon request. All completed team rosters will be provided to the captains prior to the start of the season.
  • All players MUST wear shin guards 
  • A Player may only be listed on one team's roster per league. For example, if you played on Red during the Spring Season but did not register for the Summer, you are not eligible to play!

No Offsides

There are No Offsides in this 8v8 Summer League.


  •   Either team may substitute during a kick off from the center mark and a goal kick.
  •   Teams can make substitutions on either team's throw in. Teams can substitute as many players as they wish.
  •   If an injured player is substituted, then the opposing team may substitute one player.
  •   Neither team can substitute on a corner kick.

Length of Match / Field Permits 

  •   The Match will play a 50-minute game (25-minute halves) with a 2-minute half time
  •   If there are any field conflicts, the captains of each team must notify the CWSL Directors no later than 5 minutes before the start of the game!
  •   A game will be final, as long as one full half (or equivalent minutes) is played. The score will be then recorded as a complete game.

Playoff Overtime Rules: NO overtime rules apply in regular season 

In the event of a tie after regular time during playoffs, the following will occur:

5 minutes of straight Golden Goal Extra Time (ie first team to score wins)

If no team scores during the extra 5-minute Golden Goal, Penalty Kicks will ensue

5 shooters from each team

If scores are tied after 5 shots, shootout is not sudden death (first to make the tie breaker, wins)

No player can shoot twice until all players have shot once

SLIDE TACKLING/SLIDING IS NOT ALLOWED! Please be careful and stay in control. A caution (yellow card) may be given for first offenses, ejection (red card) may be given for a second offense. **Goal Keepers are allowed to slide WITHIN the penalty box when making a play on the ball**

Safety is our #1 priority!! Remember, we all have lives off the soccer field and an injury would not only affect us, but also our families. 

Enforcement of 8 Yards for Free Kick Explanation / Clarification

1.     If a foul is committed, the team committing the foul MUST immediately retreat 8 yards and not attempt to prevent or delay the team that was fouled from restarting play.

2.     If the opponent(s) who committed a foul fail to retreat the required distance, and thus delay or prevent the restart of the play, the Laws of the Game REQUIRE the referee to caution the player(s) delaying the restart.

Goalkeeper Restart of Play

Once a GK has possession of the ball by catching it in their hands, she may put the ball into play by rolling, throwing, punting, or releasing to the ground and then kicking the ball. In NO instance, however, can the GK who has caught a ball throw, punt, or kick a ball she has released on to the ground in the air across midfield. If the GK who has caught a ball throws, punts, or kicks the ball across midfield in the air, the restart is an Indirect Free Kick for the opposing team at the spot on the midfield line where the ball crossed the line. There are no restrictions for balls being kicked across midfield in the air from a goal kick, so a GK can take these and kick the ball across midfield.

 Further clarification: 8v8 soccer is designed to allow players maximum touches on the ball with short, quick passes. It is not intended for GKs to pass the ball from one end of the field to the other. Hence, the restrictions above on GKs who are putting the ball into play once they have possession of the ball in their hands is for the intent of developing short, quick, passing.

Foul Language / Dissent

1.     CWSL has instructed the referees to eliminate foul, abusive, or degrading language, directed at anyone; another player, a teammate, the referee crew or a spectator. Foul and abusive language includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial/gender/religious/ethnic slurs or degrading comments, and harassing or demeaning words, phrases, or gestures. This also includes taunting.

2.     If any of the above happens, the referees will automatically issue a Red Card and eject the player. The ejected player must immediately leave the field complex. In addition to sitting out the remainder of the match the player was ejected from, the player will be required to sit out two additional matches and the incident will be presented to the CWSL Disciplinary Panel for any further decisions.

Cautions / Ejections / Red Card Fines

  •   Referees will report ALL Cautions (Yellow Cards) and Ejections (Red Cards) to the CWSL Directors.
  •   If a player receives two cautions in one match, she will receive a Red Card and MUST sit out the remainder of the match. The player MUST also sit out the teams next scheduled match.
  •   If a player is ejected from a match (Red Card), she must sit out the remainder of the match AND the teams next two (2) scheduled matches and the incident will go to the Disciplinary Panel for any further penalty. This law applies only to hard    Red cards, i.e. not an ejection that results from two cautions in the same match per the above.
  •   If a player is ejected for fighting or striking another player, she must sit out the remainder of the match AND will not return to ANY matches until the Disciplinary Panel has made a decision on what penalty the player will receive.
  •   CWSL Directors will keep track of all Cautions and Ejections. Should a player persistently received Cautions during multiple matches, the CWSL Directors will report this to the Disciplinary Panel who will determine whether the player must sit    out one or two matches.

**Moving Forward, any player receiving a straight Red Card will receive a $50 fine which must be paid before the next game.

Sportsmanship: Please remember this is a recreational soccer league!


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