Classic Gold - Rules / Policies

Game Start:  A game can begin with at least 4 players per team at 7:30 p.m.   If a team has less than 7 players to begin, with the opposing captain's permission, the team can pick-up available player(s) from other teams at the field up to the same number of players on the opposing team.

If captains from both teams agree, both teams may play with 8 players during the game.   The captains must notify and get approval from the referees.

The real intent here is to PLAY, so let's all try to be flexible, open-minded and fair in getting teams on the field!   (i.e., total number of field players per team may be altered with agreement between both teams' captains.)

Start of play: Kick-offs, at the start of each half and after a goal, are direct and go forward or backward. No whistle is required to restart after goals scored by opponent.

Overtime: There are no overtime or shoot-outs in regular season games.

All laws of traditional soccer will apply in conjunction with these modified soccer rules:

Scoring:  A goal is scored when the whole ball passes completely through the plane of the goal line having been struck before a game-ending whistle and providing no infraction has been committed by the attacking team.

Fouls: Any foul, regardless of infraction, will result in a direct free kick. All free kicks must be taken within 5 seconds. Fouls inside the penalty area result in a penalty kick. All defensive walls can be no closer than 15 feet from the ball unless the defending goal line prohibits such distance. No slide tackles allowed!

Flagrant fouls are not expected or tolerated! In the slight case of flagrant foul called by the referee, it will be reviewed (after the game) by league managers and captains to determine assessed penalties beyond the current game.

However, Goalies may slide (within reason) within the goal box â?? the slide must be hands first, executed properly to protect both the goalie and field players.   It will be up to the referee's discretion to make a call if believed goalie's slide is a blatant foul against a player (whether intentional or not) and not for the ball or to protect herself. Fouls due to improper sliding by the goalie will result in a penalty shot.

Offside: There is none although blatant cherry-picking is discouraged to keep the game lively and within the intent of organized soccer.

Throw Ins: Throw-ins will be used to restart play when balls go out of bounds across touch lines. Throw-ins are indirect and must be touched by another player before a goal can be awarded.

Goal/Corner kicks: Both are direct and must be taken within 5 seconds.

Substitutions:  Substitutions are unlimited and "on the fly" with no required permission from referee. Make substitutions from the center of the field or as requested by the referee.


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