Team Selection/Draft Process

  • All players will register as "Free Agents" and will placed on teams via the Draft.   All players are registering to be part of the Charlotte Women's Soccer League; any request to play with a specific team and/or player is only a request.
  • All players will receive a "Player Ranking" based on overall soccer skill level.  These rankings are used to create balanced and even skilled teams, including the number of games you are able to attend. **If you do not attend an Open Play, your Player Ranking is what you rank yourself.
  • Captains will select players through a blind draft (names are hidden).  Rankings are calculated after each selection to maintain team/league parity.
  • At the end of the draft, captains are allowed a "Trading Period" in which captains can trade players.  This allows the captains to attempt to build a well-balanced team regarding positions and requests (i.e. if a team is heavy on defense and needs more forwards)


  • Drafts occur prior to each Fall Season; teams will remain the same in the following Spring (new members of the league for the Spring Season will be drafted.)
  • Players may request to be with ONE or TWO other member of the league; the pair/triplet is selected and/or traded together in the draft process.

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