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CWSL Rules / Policies

*please note some of these rules may not be the same as Classic Gold rules*  

Game Format

  • Halves will be 35 minutes (a running clock except for injury) with a 5-minute half-time.
  • The format it will be full-field, 11v 11.
  • All games will start on time. The referee's timer will start at the scheduled game start time. Be on time and ready to start! There will be a 5 minute grace period to determine if the game is deemed a forfeit. As soon as both teams have at least 7 players, the game will start.
  • Teams must forfeit if they have less than 7 players after the 5 minute grace period.

Restarts & Substitutions
Substitutions can occur on either teams' throw-ins or goal kicks. Substitutions cannot occur on corner kicks for either team. 

Consistent Calls
  • Handballs: a player shall be called for deliberately handling, carrying, striking or propelling the ball with the hand or arm (i.e. hand to ball or seeking to get an advantage). The denying of a goal is an automatic red card.
  • Off-sides: a player in an offside position is only called (off-sides), if at the moment the ball touches or is played by one of her teammates and there are not two opponents nearer the goal line by: 1) interfering with play / opponent or 2) gaining an advantage by being in that position. Off-sides is determined when the ball is played.
  • Aggressive plays: safety is #1 - we all have to go to work tomorrow! No slide tackling (automatic yellow card). Keepers can slide inside the box for the ball, in a safe manner. Referees will judge if play is for the ball or flagrant. Flagrant fouls are an automatic yellow card or a possible red card depending on how flagrant.
  • Attitude - be considerate! This is a recreational league. A yellow card may be given at the discretion of the referee
  • Language: any incidental use of vulgar or profane language - first gets a warning, but after a warning, a yellow card will be issued. It will depend on manner, who it is directed to and who hears it. Using insulting, offensive langage or gestures will result in an automatic red card.
  • Overtime: there is no overtime for the regular season. For the first two rounds of playoffs, there will be one 5-minute overtime. If the score is still tied, one 5-minute Golden Goal overtime will be played (first team to score wins). If still tied, penalty kicks will follow - each team will pick 5 players (from those on the field at the end of overtime) who will alternate kicks. The higher seeded team can choose to kick first or second. If the score remains tied, each team will choose one player to kick until there is a winner. All players on the field at the end of overtime must kick before anyone from the bench can be chosen. For the championship game, the overtime periods will be extended from 5 minutes to 10 minutes; all other procedures remain the same.
Team Formation & Costs
  • Teams are re-formed every fall with all players going into a draft and being placed on a team. Returning players remain on the same team from the fall to spring seasons. 
  • All players can choose one person to partner with when they register. Both players must indicate their interest in playing with one another during the registration process.
  • Registration fees are $75 per season and include one team t-shirt per year, 7 regular season games and a single elimination playoff tournament. Please refer to the CWSL registration page for season deadlines.

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